Doa Deer Processing - Dont trust

Livingston, New Jersey 3 comments
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I gave doa processing an taxadermy in autauga county alabamaa deer to have mounted for me .He has taken for ever to do it an now refuses to give it to me finished or not .

Owner name is lee james he also lies on the land he out . He says there is only going to be 5 people an then there is 12 people on the land . He had gone to other land an removed stands that does not belong to him.

Once a deer is taken to be processed you will not get all of it back .I dropped 215 lbs deer an got one brown bag of meat.



I'm having the same problem with the neat I get back


been dealing with lee for 14 years and never had a problem he does a fine job


Sounds to me that maybe you need to pay to get your deer back.Last time I checked taxidermy was not free.

We have used them for years and never had any complaints. Sounds like you are one of those people who never are satisfied.

I'll bet theres more to this story that you are not telling..Happy hunting

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